What’s up guys?

I wanted to pass along a little info about a project called Dupont Underground. Beneath the streets of Dupont Circle in Washington, DC is 75,000 square feet of unused space. Back in the ’60s, it used to be a trolley station, and at one point it was a used as a fallout shelter until it was closed off in 1975. The people behind Dupont Underground are working to secure a lease of the space with the goal of utilizing it for exhibits and events.

We had the incredible opportunity to shoot parts of the video for See It From Your Side in this space. It was hot as hell down there, but it was such an awesome experience to be able to use such a unique venue!

Dupont Underground
The crew setting up for Take 1

Much thanks needs to go out to the folks of Dupont Undergound for helping us secure the space. This is an exciting movement in the way of arts for the city of DC. If you want to learn a little more or find out how to get involved, head to http://www.dupontunderground.org.