Playing the Victim

Released October 2013
Directed by Jon Thorpe

We filmed this video around the Manassas, VA area. Jon was able to procure a couple really sweet cars for this video. I believe the “cop car” was either from or somehow connected to Sticky Rice in DC. If you look close enough, you can actually see “Sticky” on the door of the car. 

We brought in a ringer to drive the getaway car in most of the scenes. I was a little nervous driving that thing! You can see in the scenes where I’m driving it, I’m at 10 and 2 driving reaaaalll carefully.

See It From Your Side

Released March 2013
Directed by Francisco Campos-Lopez

This one was filmed at a couple of different locations. We started early in the morning at Dupont Underground in DC. Most of the scenes that appear early in the video (in the tunnel-ish setting) were filmed there. If I remember correctly, this was right around the time the Dupont Underground space was opening. So that was very cool to be a part of one of the earlier projects in the space.

After that, we packed up and moved the production up to this sort of warehouse-type place in Baltimore. It was a huge space with a weird, eerie vibe which totally fit the surreal imagery of the rest of the video. I wish I took more photos of it to share. We probably filmed most of the scenes there, including the “band” performance.