“The seven songs on this long EP/short album all are bright and sparkle with strong playing throughout. ’Enough’ is a ferocious rocker with a thick guitar sound and driving bass and drumming where it takes some significant pipes to get the vocals out front.”David Hintz of DC Rock Live

“These guys have a lot of talent, and it’s showcased in their recordings. On the contrary, I have yet to see their live set, but I have a gut feeling that it will blow me away equally. Their new album may, however, make you blow your voice out when singing along, so be sure to drink your tea before indulging like I did.”Maria Ciezak of The Aquarian Weekly

Silhouette Cities is a powerhouse alternative rock band founded by Phil Saraceno. In its earliest stage, the band started as a studio project. Phil had written a collection of songs that would later become the Objects in Motion EP. Without a band in place at the time, Saraceno turned to his brother Donny to work on the tunes in pre-production. Objects in Motion was recorded throughout 2011 with Washington, DC-area producer Dave Mallen and released in January of 2012.

With the EP gaining momentum locally around DC, a fuller Silhouette Cities lineup began to come together. Drummer Mark Kuczynski (Philadelphia) and Phil played together in the DC area with another band. The two of them teamed up with Bill Gross (also Philadelphia) on bass. A live outfit formed, and the band began to perform in the later months of 2013. Later on in January of 2015, Donny joined the band as rhythm guitarist.

With new material written, the band began to consider studios and producers for what would become their 2nd studio album No Worse for the Wear. Donny had worked with John Collura (formerly of The Ataris) many times with past projects and suggested the record be done in New York at Collura’s studio along with Mike Menocker. No Worse for the Wear was released on physical and digital platforms August 4th, 2015 including iTunes, Spotify and Amazon.

Contact Silhouette Cities via email: band@silhouettecities.com