A lot can happen in a year. A lot can happen in 10 years, and this little project has been through a lot over the last decade (which has seemingly whizzed by). Today marks the 10 years since we officially released our debut EP Objects in Motion.

I think back to the origins of Silhouette Cities and the many people that helped get this thing off the ground. Thanks to my roommates at the time for putting up with hours of me cutting rough demos in my bedroom. Thanks to Dave Mallen for helping me bring those ideas to life and put these 5 songs down on tape. Thanks to Mark for coming down to VA to track the drums. Thanks to Matt Stewart and Ian Roche for the help with the art work. Thanks to Oslo for his help with graphics for the site. To Francisco Campos-Lopez and Jon Thorpe for directing the videos we shot for See it From Your Side and Playing the Victim. To Mark, Bill and Don for teaming up to play these songs live. To anyone that ever came to see those shows, and anyone who ever gave these songs a listen. Thank you all for the love over these years!

There’s still more music to be made. We’re hard at work recording new songs. More to come on that soon, as timing and other things come more into focus. In the meantime, thanks again for all of the continued support!