Hey everyone. Just wanted to write something to let you know we’re still alive. Soooo, the video for See It From Your Side isn’t quite done yet. But we are on track to have it finished very soon. I won’t put an exact release date on it just yet. But it will be soon. Thanks to you all for being super patient. I have seen an early version. I can tell you this thing is gonna look awesome when it’s done!

Here’s a few pics from the day of the shoot –

This is the warehouse in Baltimore we shot most of the video in. There was all kinds of fun stuff on the walls.
See It From Your Side Video Shoot
Setting up one of the final scenes.

Mirror w/Green Screen Dots

You see the green dots all over the mirror in this picture? Those are essentially serving as a green screen. A lot of the video is centered around the mirror in this picture. The kiddie wagon in the background has nothing to do with it though.

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Til next time…